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Chronicles of Lo-Hin! is an ongoing translation of a series of chronological entries that have been intercepted by a deep-space satcom system. It is not known, exactly, where the source of the transmission is, nor if the sequence of events which is being transcribed is occurring at the present moment in time, or has perhaps occurred some time in the past. What is evident is that the events detail the struggle of an inter-galactic and highly intelligent species known as the Capasians, as they struggle against a total, fatal and utter extinction of their dying race. It is believed that this species is aware of the Human race and has even attempted to visit the planet Earth. The details of this incident are, as of yet, unknown.

Most of the transmissions are, as has been mentioned before, of a chronological nature and, according to our chief analyst of Project Decipher, detail the experiences and struggle of one Kral Fenley, a young capasian. Yet, there are times when we come across transmissions that are strange and hard to understand. These transmissions are mostly detailed in the 3rd person narrative, but it is not clear what, exactly, is the source that is recording the events, or for that matter, when. These transmissions take the most resources and effort to decipher, and ultimately, we are forced to make a judgement call and place these events in the most suitable place. Since the nature of these transmissions is vague, as is their chronological significance, we have marked them as “Anomalies” so that you are aware of their strange nature. Nevertheless, they do help refine and explain some of the mysteries surrounding the world of Lo-Hin!

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