WARNING: This page may contain spoilers. It is advised that you only browse this page if you are really, really stuck on an alien word and cannot wait for the explanation to be given in the actual text.

Capasian Classifications

  • Eyte
    Technically, an “Eyte” is a Capasian who still has the Seal and therefore cannot capa. Generally speaking, however, Capasians are classified as Eytes as long as they are aged below 30, regardless of whether the Seal breaks before this, or still remains after they are 30 years of age.
  • Miradi
    Technically, a “Miradi” is a Capasian whose Seal has been broken, thereby allowing him/her to capa. Generally speaking, however, Capasians are classified as Miradi if they are aged 30 and over, regardless of whether they still have the Seal or not.
  • Vix
    This classification is given to the rare Capasian who reaches the expiration phase, which typically occurs around 250 years of age. It is the last of the evolutionary cycles of a Capasian, and therefore extremely rare.

Capasian Terminology


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