Project Decipher

The Chronicles of Lo-Hin! are, quite strangely, recorded in the English language. What is even more strange is that they are heavily encrypted and transmitted in cipher form. So on the one hand it seems that the messages are meant for Human consumption, a belief held by many experts in the area, yet measures have been taken to ensure that deciphering the messages is almost impossible. Which begs the question: why? That really is the million dollar question.

With no details regarding the encryption scheme or the secret key used to encrypt the messages, deciphering the transmissions is an impossible task. But here we yet again make another marvellous discovery. Every so often, our systems pick up garbled transmissions containing seemingly random strings of text and numbers. But the sequences are in fact not random at all! Through advanced mathematical analysis and countless hours of referencing and inferencing,  we are successful in transforming the seemingly random data into legible decryption information. This would be excellent, of course, if all the messages could be deciphered using the same information, but again this is not the case. We find, to our astonishment, that the encryption scheme is constantly changing. Is this a battle between two factions, one trying to make contact and the other trying to subdue this attempt, or are we simply recipients of an inter-galactic hoax? Whatever the case, we are determined to get to the bottom of it, and this is where you can help.

We can normally expect our decipherers to decode an entry every 14-21 days, whilst also commissioning them to the task of decoding and translating the more complex and challenging “Anomalies”. By funding Project Decipher, you can help make sure that we can continue operating in the far reaches of space. In the absence of governmental support, your continued support is what makes this undertaking possible.

Help us to make sense of this mystery. It is now widely believed that the Capasians have made contact with the Human race, but it is still unclear when, and how, this event took place. Are they observing us now? Is there, perhaps, a hidden agenda for releasing these transmissions for our consumption, even if not directly? The questions are many the resources few, can you help?

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Project Decipher is headed by Amir and coordinated aboard the Avilon Galaxy V, a Deepspace Satcom System.

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